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Company control pests in Vietnam


Company control pests in Vietnam.

KhaiPhong limited company, specializing in providing services to control pests in Vietnam to foreign businesses such as Japan, Korea, USA. Singapore, ....


control pests in vietnam

Kill of pests in company Namae Vina (Korea)


Commitment to quality.

- To ensure absolute safety.

- Use the best chemicals.

- rapidly progress.

- Modern Tools for ULV spray, heat blind.

- Workforce made well trained and experienced.

- Fully papers CQ, CQ and Vietnam bill.


Company control pests in Vietnam

Pesticidal company Samsung Bac Ninh


Pests limited company KhaiPhong get control:

Termites, Ants, Ants three compartments, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ...


To cooperate with KhaiPhong please contact:

Manufacturing Company Limited, Trading & Services KhaiPhong

Add: Phu Dien, Nam Sach, Hai Duong, Vietnam

Phone: 0220 6566 636 -Mobi: 0976201679 - 0396182888.

Email: congtykhaiphong@gmail.com

Web: www.dietmoihaiphong.vnwww.tieudietcontrung.vn




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